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Russia, Crimea, 299703
Sevastopol, Raenko st. 3
t/fax.:+7 (8692) 72-23-10
E-mail: office@inkerstrom.com
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Building materials. Plant of building materials. Manufacturing of building materials.
The factory of building materials “Inkerstrom” engaged in manufacturing of building and finishing materials from limestone.Building and cladding materials are foundation of construction.
At present time from inkerman limestone producing the wide specter of ecologically pure building material.
-         wall blocks;
-         wall stone;
-         wall partitions-internal and interior;
Manufacturing of building material:
-         cladding tiles for exterior and interior decoration of residential and industrial buildings;
-         art products and architectural forms;
-         related products-for agriculture carbonate raw flour limestone;
Collaborations with the company from St.Peterburg and Germany, having big experience in restoration works, allow us to offer modified texture surface of limestone: from aged to fortified. Usage of special staff allow to expand color spectrum of limestone without modify of stone facture (tuning in any color by the wish of consumer). All production manufacturing by “Inkerstrom” company certified.
Specialists from our company understand that with increasing of traffic, developing of manufacturing structure if city, tightened conditions of use buildings, lined with natural stone. Resistance of limestone to temperature fluctuations in the polluted atmosphere of modern industrial cities largely depend on how his defense. Using and intruding hi-tech scientific development in area of defense of natural stone, company collaborate with chemists from Moscow, St.Peterburg and Germany leads scientific studies of selection of highly effective formulations that enhance the durability of natural stone.
Our clients must know, that if you choose production of “Inkerstrom”-manufacturer of building materials, you choose quality natural building materials with the prices of factory-manufacturer.

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