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Wall stone-building materials
Manufacturing,sale, delivering of building materials.
Wall stone from rock, limestone
Material: limestone-cut stone.
Sphere of application: bricklaying walls, partitions and others partitions of buildings and
structures with next finishing.
Altitufe of building: up to 12 floors
Seismic resistance: 8 points
Basic physico-mechanical properties:
-size 400x200x200
-durability mark:-M50
-averga density: less then 2100 kg/sm2
Unit of measure: 1 m3-72 stones
From viewpoint of using in habbitant construction wall stone are perspective building material.This is due to its mechanical strength, environmental friendliness and other characteristics are not inferior, but for some indicators, and the superior characteristics of the presently manufactured walling materials.
Besides this, perspectivity of using the wall stone explained by such important characteristics as energy saving,
especially actual in the conditions of growing of prices on energy.
One more advantage consist in the next-the construction from the wall stone becomes cheaper due to decrease the usage of the solution on setting in 6 times and
and 3 times the cost of extra labor in comparison with the brickwork.
Due to its sizes and other characteristics, the setting from the wall stone is more economical than in the usual setting. In the table we give comparative characteristics.
Comparative data for batch 1 sq.m. from the usual brick wall thickness of 0,3 m and a piece of stone thickness 0,2 m
Parameters Wall stone Normal brick
Quantity on 1 sq.m 12,5 108
Weight on 1 sq.m of wall 360 kg 450 kg

Necessary workers power

-hours of masters work    
-hours of helpers work    
Volume of stowage    


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