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Russia, Crimea, 299703
Sevastopol, Raenko st. 3
t/fax.:+7 (8692) 72-23-10
E-mail: office@inkerstrom.com
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Deposit of limestone. Limestone quarry of Ukraine
     Construction materials factory “Inkerstrom”, which develops Inkerman deposit of natural limestone is a modern, hi-tech Ukrainian mining enterprise with a large array of stone-cutting machines (SM-89A,KM-3A,KM-3M) and specialized fine-tune machines for cutting the large stones.
     Mining at the limestone quarry, as it was 150 years ago, is conducted by an open method. With this method, the mining emissions into the ecological system of region are completely absent. Artificial ponds which have healing properties are formed after depletion of the quarry.
The deposit of limestone
     Geographical location of Inkerman deposit can be pin-pointed by the next coordinates: 44 degrees of north latitude and 30 degrees 37 minutes east longitude. It’s located near the city of Sevastopol on the eastern slope of the bay “North” and 2 kilometers from railway station Inkerman. In the immediate vicinity of the deposit, there is a Sevastopol-Simferopol highway.
     According to the drilling process data during the detailed exploration of the deposit,  it’s geological structure contains middle Eocene limestone.
     The limestone deposit development system is low-ledged and by number of both developed ledges-multi-edged. Usually the stone is carved from array in one stage on few ledges at the same time, each of the ledges has input and output flank trenches. Cutting machine moving from input trench to output trench cuts by vertical saws kerfs on the ledges, distance between which corresponds to the specified width of the block-harvesting. Ledge along to entire length is cut into the blocks of given height with helping of horizontal saws. Final operation is performed by vertical saws performing background kerfs allowing complete separation of blocks from the array.
 The limestone quarry
    Then blocks are transported from the stone quarry on the bottom-hole and stored in a stack fro holding in accordance with requirements of technological proceedings. The time of blocks exposure on the bottom-hole area is in the spring-summer period - is 10 days and in the autumn-winter period is 22 days. During this period, large part of mountain water leaves the composition of the limestone, which leads to the increase of it’s strength and reduces the average density, also improving heat insulation, soundproof and transportability.
     If necessary, after the exposure, the blocks can be subject to special development: the special cutting of the two slots in the middle of the end of vertical edges. It is also possible to get a revision of limestone blocks with irregular geometry or the cut sticks for special sizes carried-out on the diamond disk machine.
In Moscow company “Inkerstrom” has a stone processing shop where they manufacture facing plates, specialized architectural-construction and restoration details from Inkerman stone. The company has dozens of qualified stone-cutter workers.
They can produce decorative panels from stone and perform decoration work on the facades that bring respectable houses to look as real historical monuments.


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