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Russia, Crimea, 299703
Sevastopol, Raenko st. 3
t/fax.:+7 (8692) 72-23-10
E-mail: office@inkerstrom.com
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Quarries of Ukraine-mining of limestone
The mining of the limestone on the limestone quarry of Ukraine in Inkerman (Sevastopol) finally led to the creation of Inkerman plant of building material-“Inkerstrom”. The first mining began in May 1944.
The highest concentration of limestone deposit in Ukraine is situated at southern-west side of Crimea (from Sevastopol to Simferopol) and in the east. The deposits of limestone in Crimea are vast: total number of registered deposits here are 80, the big part of them can be considered as raw materials for producing natural building materials by cutting and cladding stone.
The range of ornamental varieties of the Crimea limestone is very wide: from yellow to brown spongy shell-pink polishes breccias. White limestone deposites occupy special place in those raw materials, they began to appear in the area on Inkerman and further stretch the winding strip for more than 50 km along the second ridge of Crimea mountains. This natural white stone-limestone most known in Ukraine and Crimea by the name of Inkerman limestone. This stone has conquered wide popularity for his high ornamental and building qualities, similar white color, fine-grimed surface, finely pores structure, thick massive texture, strength, low thermal conductivity, easy workability (including cutting), plasticity, providing the opportunity to perform complex and delicate stone carvings.
Limestone quarry
Mining in the limestone quarry as it was done 150 years ago is still performed by open method. Inkerman limestone, unlike other materials, which require explosive mining method, don’t leave internal damage and micro cracks, leading to lower quality and durability.
With high durability inkerman limestone at the same time is easy to be worked as a stone-cutting machine and also can be perfected manually. The ecological purity and compete absence of impurities that can adversely affect both the environment and human health are especially important
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