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Russia, Crimea, 299703
Sevastopol, Raenko st. 3
t/fax.:+7 (8692) 72-23-10
E-mail: office@inkerstrom.com
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Natural stone-limestone, white stone.
Inkerman limestone is white color natural stone, also it’s named white stone is very soft, porous, strong and durable with this stable.
Properties of limestone
The single characteristics for all building materials are:
- Frost - at least 15 cycles;
- Effective total specific activity - 41,58±3,60 Bk/кg;
- Middle coefficient of thermal conductivity – 409;
Advantages of limestone
Limestone is cheapest construction material by natural origin.
- Speed of construction (installation of wall-storey house possibly during the day)
- All production certified;
- Natural properties (inkerman limestone in his class of natural construction materials is one of the most durable, combining high strength and wear resistance);
- Natural properties, parameters and characteristics of support the construction of building up to 12 floors in the seismic resistance of 8 points;
- Inkerman limestone has a solid homogeneous body-monolithic structure of the natural cementation;
- Limestone superbly handled, sanded, polished, holds the edge, admits figured Cutting the finest architectural forms and details;
- Inkerman limestone with the time don’t lose his esthetic style and unique abilities;
- Inkerman limestone has a high ecological and biological compatibility with the man, has pronounced natural antiseptic properties;
- Natural stone has no effect on the magnetic background environment and does not accumulate static electricity;
- Natural stone has no radioactive background, and by own parameters are comparable only with natural wood;
- Inkerman stone live - walls of it "breathe", letting the steam and moisture, saving excellent sound insulation;
- Limestone absorbs the heat radiated by the sun and prevents unwanted heating of the building, creating the most favorable habitat for man.


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