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Russia, Crimea, 299703
Sevastopol, Raenko st. 3
t/fax.:+7 (8692) 72-23-10
E-mail: office@inkerstrom.com
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                                                                            Construction materials. Manufacture of construction materials.

     The factory of construction materials - company "Inkerstrom". Inkerman shelly limestone-pit with Stalin railroads was built in May 1944 for the purpose of construction materials extraction to help restore economic infrastructure of Crimea, particularly the city of Sevastopol.

1954-was renamed to the Inkerman shelly limestone plant

1961-was renamed to the Inkerman wall materials plant

1976-in accordance with the order of the industrial wall and binders MDSM USSR Inkerman wall materials plant renamed to the Inkerman construction materials plant “Inkerstrom”

1986-renamed in Sevastopol building materials plant

1992-in accordance with the order of concern "Krimstroymateriali" and decisions of  the executive committee of the Sevastopol city rental enterprise Inkerman construction materials dissolved and established the Joint Stock Inkermansky quarry, cutting limestones Inkerstrom.

1997-under the charter of the company of Inkerman limestone-cutting quarries, "Inkerstrom" approved Closed Join Stock company, Inkerman limestone-cutting quarries "Inkerstrom". 

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